Meet Muck Savage

Anthony O’Connor

Bodhran – Cajon – Trapset

Matt Hedgpeth

Bass – Harmonium – Percussion

Patrick Becker

Mandolin – Guitar – Media

Timothy O’Connor

Double Bass – Tin Whistle

Whether laying the harmonic and rhythmic foundation on the upright/electric bass or singing with descanting cello lines in the softer tunes, Pádraig exhibits his varied musical history to masterful story-telling and instrumental music. With projects ranging from War of Independence era Drum and Fife Corps to A Capella American soul to various orchestral ensembles and jazz combos, Timothy considers himself first and foremost the modern, eclectic chamber musician. While keeping emphasis on listening to the stories of others, he retains a unique talent of sharing his voice through music-making. In numerous coinciding projects, Timothy finds a special opportunity to contribute this voice to a like-minded message, the universal value of human connection.

Xavier O’Luaine

Vocals – Guitar – Tin Whistle – Accordion – Fiddle

Honorary & Previous members of Muck Savage include Ruthie Becker, Kelly Becker, Jeremy Clarke, Joshua Pohl, Greg Barone, Ben Hoppes, Rosabelle Walker, Ben Allen, Willie Crook, Derrick McGuire, Tommy Hawk, Ray-Jay, and Steven Mancine.